Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We don't need 'no' stinkin' subscription TV!

Our income dropped dramatically the past month due to our girl aging out of dependent child benefits (her daddy is disabled, as am I). We are surviving off his benefits and the four hours of pay I struggle to earn each week. As a result, after having Dish Network in my home since marriage, except for the couple of years we tried cable, they cut us off.
I admit to being spoiled by using the dual dvr they offered. Where our home is situated, we were never able to get a good analog signal when it was my parent's mobile home. When Ralph & I were moving in to take care of momma, we had cable and due to rising prices, succumbed once again to the lure of the dish. In spite of being good customers for many, many years, they are driven by the almighty dollar, which we didn't have this month.
We are still considering direcTV, but I am leery seeing costs rise for my sister. I fear we would wind up with the same situation. Locked in price and contract, we would get sticker shock by hidden costs ascribed to taxes, etc.
As for missing my favorite shows, there's always the internet. Most major networks put full episodes up on their websites the day after the episode airs. This allows them to get their commercial dollars for all markets. They look just as good on my laptop as my tv, just smaller.
If I could scare up the money for a "slingbox" or blu-ray player with internet connectivity, I could get the internet content on my tv, including movies from netflix. Pretty soon, that will be the only way to get netflix, streaming to laptop or tv, anyway.
I do have to hold myself down though. I got so into this week's Hawaii Five-O that I nearly jostled my laptop off my lap!
I am more productive without the constant influx of tv intruding in my day anyway.
PS Hey Dish Network, how did my package deal that is advertised at $34.95 end up being over $76 per month? Sticker shock from hidden charges!

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